Work Log: Search All The Things

The 3.0 work is shaping up nicely. This week brings new features, polish, and workflow improvements. Notably, a long-requested improvement when adding items to your lists.

  • Home design updates
  • Global search
  • List search
  • Easy Add
  • Multi-Add

Any and all feedback is welcome!

See all progress on the Sofa Roadmap.


These improvements look great! I’m especially excited about quick add, as I’m still in the progress of porting over lists that I’ve been managing in several different formats over the years.

I have to ask, and I think I may already know the answer based on your current design decisions — is it simply too expensive or difficult to provide a universal search that queries all data sources, and then allows a user to scope that search based on data type?

The workflow I have in mind is this: I tap the “plus” button, the Search sheet presents, and I type in “James Bond”. I’d then see search results across Movies, Books, and other matching datasources in a single list, separated by section headers. Then, I could scope those search results by source, perhaps some sort of pill/filter UI below the search bar.

This would allow me to only make the data source selection if I needed additional granularity — in the case of James Bond, I’d likely want to scope by Movies or Books. But, if I’m searching for a game, podcast or book, I’d likely get only one or two results, making the workflow much faster.

Anyway, great work — looking forward to the updates.

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Thanks @jasonlang :heart:

I’ve thought about implementing universal search a few times, but always back away for a few reasons.

Each data source I use for the app has its own limitations. Some APIs restrict the amount of data I can pull in each day, others don’t. Some have additional costs, others don’t. This isn’t necessarily a difficult technical problem to solve, but more cost/API limitation. My hope is that as Sofa grows I can remove/reduce some of these limitations.

All that being said, users don’t care :slightly_smiling_face:. They just want to add stuff to their lists. The easy/quick add feature is a step toward universal search, but one that still has the current limitations. This is something I want to continue improving on over time.

I know that may not be the answer you want to hear, but hopefully it explains why things work they way they do today.

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Totally makes sense! The improvements in 3.0 will go a long way into making the experience better.

Thanks for the answer!

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