Work Log: Prepping for Launch

The Sofa 3.0 beta is going well and the launch date is inching closer. In this video, I give a peek into what goes into prepping for the launch of a major app update.

I cover the press kit, website updates, creating assets for the App Store, and writing support documentation.

Excited that the launch is getting closer!

Will we lose access to any of our sticky notes or any other data once 3.0 launches? Or if I go from non-premium to Super Sofa after launch, will it remove any progress I’ve made towards logging stuff in the app? I saved a backup but I am unsure how this stuff works. Thanks.

Great question! I’m going to be putting these answers in the support guide, but I’ll share them here for you now. Let me know if anything needs to be clarified.

What happens to your data when you cancel your subscription?

Sticky Notes

  • Existing sticky notes will become read-only
  • You will be able to delete existing sticky notes
  • You will not be able to add new sticky notes

The Shelf

  • Any items you’ve added to The Shelf will stay there
  • You will be able to remove items from The Shelf
  • You will not be able to add any new items to The Shelf

Activity Stats & Filters

  • All stats and filter controls will be removed from Activity

Enhanced Details

  • Links to music services, podcast players, etc will be removed from detail views


  • Any existing themes or app icons you have actively set will stay that way until changed
  • Any new themes you’d like to add will have to be purchased
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Thanks, that’s super helpful!