What's your most interesting or quirky list?

Have you moved beyond the starter lists that come with the app? What’s your most interesting or quirky list?

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I have a group called Kimmy & Shawn that has lists movies and tv shows that I want to watch with my wife.

One list is called Rotation. In between watching new stuff, we rewatch our favorite shows over and over. This includes show like The Office, 30 Rock, Friends, Parks and Rec, and a few more. Watching a whole series can take a few months and we’ll use this list to choose what to watch next.

I feel like I’ve done the boring thing here! I’ve split out my movies between cinema and home stuff (though I guess there’ll be no cinema visits for a while!) and I have my Bollywood films split out.

Then I’ve split out documentaries from normal tv shows, and have lists for books and podcasts :slight_smile:

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Nothing wrong with boring :slightly_smiling_face:.

I really miss going to the movie theater too. Can’t wait until the world gets back to normal. @pascavage keeps a movie theater list I think.

My biggest list segmentation is books. I have a bunch of different lists for different types of books.

Yep! I do :blush: I especially am always throwing movies that are going to be released well in advance (years). I recently renamed my “movie theater” list to “Can’t Wait”… I still reserve this for movies I’d like to see in theater (if that becomes a thing again).

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