Use more than one media category per search query

Related to this, being able to use more than one media category per query would be nice too. Maybe to avoid querying all data sources for each search we could toggle the media type under the search bar. It could look similar to the way Apple Music lets you switch between Your Library and Apple Music, or maybe a filter like system where you select the media types you want for the query.

Thanks for the suggestion! Could you provide a little more detail around how this would improve the process of adding things?

Sure thing!
Let’s say I have a list of books I want to add to The Pile. Right now we have to tap the plus button, search, add and repeat. If we were able to add multiple items from a search I imagine that would allow the user to add all those books in one go, which would already be a great enhancement!
But if I then wanted to add a movie, and a video game to the same list, I would have to go back and tap search again. If instead I had the option to toggle the media type I’m searching and keep adding stuff to a running list of things to add I could add everything I wanted to add without creating a new search view each time.

Does that make sense?

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Make total sense, thanks for the extra detail :+1:. Let me chew on this one for a bit. I totally understand your use case. I just need to make sure I don’t slow down the workflow for people who are adding a single item.

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