Support for season numbers for TV Shows

What problem are you trying to solve?

A single TV show is too broad, as the show might still be ongoing. So when you log a show, it shows as completed even though there might still be new episodes coming up.

Explain your ideal solution

Log shows by season. A season is a good unit that is ideal because it’s not too long (like shows are) and not too short (like episodes are). You can even add upcoming seasons to watchlist, so you’ll be ready when a new season comes out.

How are you currently solving this problem today?

There’s not really a solution to it right now. I log when I finish shows that have ended, while I’m still figuring out how to deal with ongoing shows. When the sticky notes feature comes out, I’ll most likely log the shows multiple times and note the season number.

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This is something I’d really like to figure out. I agree it would be a nice addition. My brain should free up a bit after the 3.0 release. Thanks for sharing :heart:.

That’s great to hear! I can’t wait for Super Sofa!

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