Support for Non-English languages

Sofa’s localization support is pretty terrible. I’m starting this thread to capture feedback so that I know how to properly address it. This is a high priority for 2021.

Suggestion: diacritics FBS

From this Reddit post:

So. All European languages use diacritical letters, and they are sorted into the alphabet in a different way than their sans-diacritic “mother” letter, if you will. Here’s a Nordic example:


It sorts after z, but before ä and ö. They are not umlauted characters, but letters in their own right.

So in this otherwise excellent Sofa app we all love and cherish, when I search for the Swedish military history podcast “Militärhistoriepodden”, nothing comes up. When I search for “militarhistoriepodden” it does.

Annoying, isn’t it? I’m no programmer, but I’d bet you a fair amount of money there’s some sort of ISO, ANSI, DIN or … something … standard that solves this. You just f’ed up a bit.

I really want support for the whole alphabet, not just the U.S.-British version of it. For Bob’s sake!

I really try not to sound too anal when I complain at things. I usually fail.

Anyone agreeing with me?