Sofa runs on M1 Mac

Hello fellow Sofa fans. I just thought I’d leave a comment here to let the community know that I’ve been running Sofa on my new MacBook Pro M1. I haven’t run into any compatibility problems so if you have an M1, give it a go! YMMV.

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Oooo awesome! I haven’t seen Sofa running on an M1 yet. Would you mind posting some screenshots? I’d love to see it.

Also, does window resizing work well?

It sure does. I’ll get to the screenshots when I can.

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I understand Apple is throttling back allowing users to run iOS apps on the new M1 platforms. I’m a new Sofa user and haven’t really even started using it yet. Is there a MacOS version of Sofa?


@bcmerrill on the new M1 Macs, iOS apps are enabled by default. Developers have the option to turn this off. Apple has removed the option to “side load” iOS apps when the developer has disabled that feature.

I’ve left that feature on. If you have an M1 Mac, you’ll be running the iPad version of Sofa. This is what @lsherman has mentioned above. This only works with M1 Macs today.

I do have plans for a proper Mac app in the future, but no ETA at the moment.

Thanks! I just purchased an M1 Mac and was hoping to use some of the iOS apps with it. Your reply helped me understand this much better. Although I must admit I don’t yet know what sideloading is, that is what I had read about this issue. Now I must see if I can figure out how to do this! Thanks again!

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Oh awesome! Congrats on a sweet purchase!

Without getting too technical, sideloading is basically an unofficial way to install iOS apps on the Mac. The “official” way being through the App Store. Apple has stopping allowing the unofficial way of installing those iOS apps on your Mac.

If you search “Sofa” in the Mac App Store you should be able to install it. Let me know how the process goes and feel free to share screenshots :sunglasses:

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I’m up and running! I had searched for Sofa and didn’t see it before. This time I saw that I had to select the iOS apps in the App Store. I’m so glad I responded to this thread! I love the concept of Sofa. I’ve been looking for THE perfect app (for me) to get organized. Sofa seems to have the best of both worlds. You can get organized for business type subjects and for personal subjects as well.

I like Evernote, but Sofa is looking like it may replace Evernote for me. I like the concept behind Evernote, but it seems a bit clunky to me. Sofa seems to have more Internet capabilities for grabbing data, like book and music collections.

I really appreciate your time and the information! Thank you!


:raised_hands: Have fun and enjoy that awesome new machine!

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Hey gang, just a heads up that I disabled Sofa running on M1 Macs. I got a report of serious data loss when installing it and I don’t want that to happen to anyone else. Until I’ve had time to properly test and verify that things work as expected you’ll only be able to run Sofa on your iOS devices.

Sorry for the bummer news, but I’d rather everyone’s data be safe.

Shawn, you did the right thing but I haven’t experienced this at all and I’m adding and moving things around in Sofa constantly. It’s even in my dock on the M1 Mac. If I can be of any help in testing, let me know.

Glad to hear things are working well for you, and thanks for the offer to help. I may take you up on it.

Shawn, I’d be curious as to what kind of data loss occurred. Are we talking about Sofa data or something else? Are you sure it wasn’t caused by another app?

Basically all of their Sofa data was deleted. The cause is still unknown and I’m not finding any answers so far in my investigation. That’s why I wanted to pull the plug on the Mac support for right now. This is an extremely weird issue.

I already had plans to add more data redundancy in the app this year, but I’m going to bump those up in priority.

Thanks for getting back to me on this Shawn. I wonder if it was just some weird anomaly because it is still working extremely well for me. Think I’ll try to export the data though just in case!

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I have tried the app and liked it. However, i will adopt it for broad usage once i see the Mac app and will be able to import & export or sync it offline. Thanks!

Thanks. I do have plans for a proper Mac app, just no timing on it yet.

Importing & export exists today in the app. You can see the Data Management section of the support guide for more info on how that works.

Also, all your list data is stored locally and syncs with iCloud. You can access all your data offline too. The only things that wouldn’t work offline are seeing item details, searching + adding items, and most of the cover images wouldn’t display. The images are cached, not fully downloaded to save space on people’s devices.

Hi Shawn. I really love your app. I will be spending countless hours on this. Can’t wait for a Mac version.

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