Sofa 3.0 is here!

BIG release today, gang! I’m happy to finally launch Sofa 3.0!

Sofa 3.0 is the first major new version of Sofa since 2.0 launched in 2017. The app has evolved dramatically in that time and is a fresh start for Sofa’s next chapter.

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  • Super Sofa: a new “pro” version of Sofa that is subscription-based. Don’t worry; the core Sofa experience is still free.
  • Add sticky notes to your items
  • All-new design for Activity with stats & filters
  • Prioritize your stuff with The Shelf
  • Enhanced details
  • Search everything you’ve saved
  • Tons of bug fixes and design improvements

The Highlights

Super Sofa

Super Sofa is an optional subscription for a “pro” version of Sofa. The core experience will remain completely free. This is an important step towards making Sofa a via business. I have a lot more in the works too!

Sticky Notes

Simple notes for items in your lists.

Stats & Filters

More refined controls for filtering and understanding the things you’ve logged to Activity.

The Shelf

Prioritize items in your lists and see them aggregated together.

Enhanced Details

Links to music services, podcast players, and more.

All Themes

Access to all current (70+) and future themes.

Thank You!

First, a big thank you to everyone who beta tested. It was incredibly helpful to find bugs and hear feedback. This ultimately makes the product better!

Second, thanks to everyone who’s ever used Sofa and provided feedback. A short email with your thoughts goes a long way.

Download the update

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