Sofa 3.0 Beta 6 - Release Candidate

Hey gang, things are looking good. Barring any major hiccups, this could be the last beta before the full release. Let me know about any bugs, issues, or general weirdness.

FINAL Reminder to get your free month of Super Sofa

If you haven’t filled out the form for getting a month free of Super Sofa, please do so. You can find the form here.

Selecting the 10 winners

Once the launch date is locked in I’ll be randomly selecting the 10 winners for a free year of Super Sofa. I’ll notify everyone at the same time via the email provided in the survey. Even if you don’t win the free year, I’ll still be emailing you with your promo code for a free month of Super Sofa.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: CSV export was exporting Markdown instead of a CSV file
  • Fixed: Images weren’t being cached properly
  • Fixed: Crash when adding items to a list

Known Issues

  • There are some crashes with themes on devices running iOS 15. I’m waiting to see if this resolves itself in future iOS betas.
  • Group headers lose their spacing when scrolling. This is a tricky one for me to track down. Let me know any details when you come across it.
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Hi, Shawn,

Are there some issues with The Shelf? It now seems that you can only view it when you’re in a list from which a Shelf item originated. In addition, you only see the item(s) from that list, not the entire range of Shelf items. Is this your intention? I ask because it’s quite convenient to see everything that’s on The Shelf at the same time and to be able to view it from any list. (For example, if you’re considering adding an item to it it’s useful to see what’s already there.) Also, a small thing. There’s a typo on the Activity page: ‘Log something you’ve enjoy’ is what it says when you obviously mean ‘enjoyed.’

Really enjoying it.


You can see all shelf items by tapping on The Shelf in the main screen.

The copy on the Activity page has been changed. Are you running the latest beta (build 232)?

Okay re: The Shelf. I am indeed using 232 and the bit under No Activity still features the typo.

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the typo?

Music albums sometimes show 2 entries for the same album, because of explicit/non-explicit versions. 2 solutions that I see are either add an indication as to which version it is (currently there are none) or choose one (presumably the explicit version, or allow user to set their preference). Great work so far!

Thanks for letting me know about this. I’ll have to see if the iTunes API distinguishes between explicit and non-explicit.

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