Sofa 3.0 Beta 5

Hey gang, the end of the beta is getting closer so this update is mostly bug fixes. Overall things are looking pretty stable. As always don’t hesitate to reach out with feedback and bugs. I really appreciate everyone’s who done this so far!


If you haven’t filled out the form for getting a month free of Super Sofa, please do so. You can find the form here.


  • Improvements to video game results
  • Small tweaks to some theme colors

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: The Pile selected state border color was wrong
  • Fixed: Visual glitch when navigating from a search result to a detail view
  • Fixed: Search mode setting wasn’t carrying through to the detail view when searching
  • Fixed: Issue where list images were not showing after updating a list
  • Fixed: Empty state not being removed after canceling out of searching
  • Fixed: Navigating a list with the keyboard wasn’t displaying the selected state

Known Issues

  • There are some crashes with themes on devices running iOS 15. I’m waiting to see if this resolves itself in future iOS betas.
  • Group headers lose their spacing when scrolling. This is a tricky one for me to track down. Let me know any details when you come across it.