Sofa 3.0 Beta 4

Hey gang, I’ve got another round of updates for you.

If you haven’t filled out the form for getting a month free of Super Sofa, please do so. You can find the form here.


  • You’ll now be able to navigate to a list from an item’s detail view. Tap on the “Located In” row.
  • Added a context menu to items in The Shelf

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: “The Shelf” section title not being removed when removing the last item from The Shelf
  • Fixed: Crash when adding items to a list

Known Issues

  • There are some crashes with themes on devices running iOS 15. I’m waiting to see if this resolves itself in future iOS betas.
  • Group headers lose their spacing when scrolling. This is a tricky one for me to track down. Let me know any details when you come across it.