Sofa 3.0 Beta 2

Thanks for all the great feedback so far. It’s been so helpful to track down and fix these bugs!


  • Added better grouping of menu actions for list items
  • Tweaked the formatting of sticky notes on shelf items
  • Normalized the size of images when displayed in a list format across all parts of the app

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Sticky notes not persisting when logging an item to Activity
  • Fixed: Crash when using global search
  • Fixed: Crash when moving in and out of split views on iPad
  • Fixed: Crash when adding items to a list
  • Fixed: Some video game details wouldn’t load if they didn’t have a summary
  • Fixed: Flickering of the UI when canceling a search
  • Fixed: Search bar covering the first list item after canceling a search

Known Issues

  • There are some crashes with themes on devices running iOS 15. I’m waiting to see if this resolves itself in future iOS betas.
  • Some theme colors need to be adjusted across the UI.
  • Group headers lose their spacing when scrolling. This is a tricky one for me to track down. Let me know any details when you come across it.