Share sheet integration

What problem are you trying to solve?

When I come across a movie, tv show or book on a website or on the IMDb app, it would be great to be able to tap the share button and share it to the sofa app.

Explain your ideal solution

Once shared to the sofa app, it would automatically go into the pile. The entry would try and scrape as much info as it could from the share. So if it was shared from IMDb it would try and grab the movie title and Mets data, etc. if it was from a website it would try and figure out what it was by scraping the page. The fallback would be to at least save the title of the webpage, a main image from the webpage and a link back to it.

How are you currently solving this problem today?

I cry a little inside knowing that this feature doesn’t exist.

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Lol, I’m sorry for making you cry :cry:. I’ll do my best to dry those tears!