Randomize Pick From Lists

I would like a feature that picks a random entry from a list in the event that you can’t decide which thing you want to do next.

So if I’m in my movies list and I can’t decide what I want to watch next I could just click on “Random” or “Let Sofa decide” and it would randomly roll and pick a movie from that list.

Sometimes I use a dice rolling app where I can roll 1d(number of movies) and do it that way but it would be great to have that kind of function in the app. You could use the function outside of lists too to randomize which list you should pick from or just completely randomly pick something from any list.

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Thanks for the suggestion :+1:. This is a really neat idea. When I was working on widgets over the summer I was playing with the idea of “Random Widget”. It would function close to how you’ve described, but as a widget, not in the app. Curious to hear what you think about this idea as a widget.

You’re also hitting on a potential larger issue to solve. After you’ve put a bunch of stuff into Sofa, how can it help you sift through everything to find something to read, watch, play, etc? Something for me to chew on a bit.

I definitely like the idea of having it as a widget, I’m loving messing with Widgets right now and I’ve got the Sofa App Widget on my second home screen right now. I think I would still want to have that functionality in the app as well as having it in Widget form if possible. I think it would be a bit odd if you were in the app scrolling looking at everything and decided you wanted to pick a random entry and had to back out of the app to go to a widget. But definitely having a Widget that did that would be cool and might encourage someone to pick randomly more often.

As far as how Sofa can help suggest your next entertainment in a smart way that’s a good question. I’m just spitballing here but one way it could suggest something is based on how long ago you entered something in. So Sofa could say “It’s been 3 months since you added this movie, maybe now’s the time?” And when it does something like that it could also give you the option to remove it from the list if you figure you’re just never gonna do that thing. Another way could be if you are logging in activity on a Video Game or a Book but haven’t completed it yet Sofa could say “You’re on a roll! Keep playing/reading this!”

I’m not a software dev so you can ignore any or all of those suggestions. There’s definitely a lot of ways you could go about doing that. But yeah Random Widget would be cool, also would like to have the functionality in app if possible. Thanks for listening to my suggestion.

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Yea totally agree it would be super handy in the app. Practically speaking, you’ll probably see a widget before the full functionality in the app.

This is an interesting idea. Proactively help keep things tidy while suggesting stuff to watch, read, etc. There is a danger in list apps like Sofa where you build up a lot of cruft that you don’t really want/need anymore. Helping to keep that stuff fresh and organized would be nice.

I just wanna plus one this idea because I love randomly selecting from a set. So I have a “perfect movies” list and I would love to just be able to pick randomly from it, for example.

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One thing you have working for you with Sofa is metadata around the movies, shows, books, games, etc. and using that to make suggestions. For example, if a movie in a list just got released onto streaming, or a game is having a sale, or a book has gone down in price, those could be good opportunities to suggest an item. This sounds really hard to implement though.

But likely the best ratio of easy to implement and helping sift through is going to be a math random algorithm for the list. Along with a pull to refresh or something. That would definitely be enough for my lists.

Yea I think starting simple with this will be key. Complexity can always be added in later.