Organize Lists in a Group

What problem are you trying to solve?

I would like to organize some of my lists in a group other than alphabetical. I have a “Video Games” group that has categories: Now Playing, Play Next, Play Later, Backlog, Wishlist, and Finished. I would like to organize them in that order.

Explain your ideal solution

Something similar to “jiggle mode” with ios apps to reorganize lists.

How are you currently solving this problem today?

Just living with alphabetical lists.

Great app btw!! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while! Only “big picture” idea I have would be to expand farther than entertainment I guess. For example, my wife might would like this to organize her crafting projects. Maybe she could add a link to a website with instructions for the project.


I second this! That’s funny because I had lists all named Now Playing, Play Next, Play Later, and Wishlists as well. Now I’m using the Shelf in the Beta to pin games I want to play next and then two lists for casual and hardcore games. Within those lists some of the items are on the shelf so that I know yo play them next. I also have Unreleased and Wishlist groups for video game and movies and anything else. Since I now have so many lists along with groups for movies and TV shows which all contain various genres, I’d love to see some manual sorting options. For now my Video Games group appears at the bottom and I access it the most.

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@FiteKnight thanks for taking the time share your feedback. Adding more control over list order is something that’s on my list to explore.

Thanks! If you can, I’d love to understand more about why Sofa would be a good place for organizing craft projects as opposed to some other app.

I would suggest using the Collect app. Here it is:

Like this?

This is a good suggestion. Since Sofa is a more purpose-built app, there will be natural limits to the types of content it holds. General-purpose apps like Collect or Notes are great for filling the gaps.

@Donni Things is the gold standard when it comes to manual reordering.

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