My Plans for Sofa 3.0

Now that Sofa 2.13 is out, I can finally focus on 3.0. It’s always tricky to know when it’s time for a major version change, but I think I’ve reached it. 3.0 is going to be a fuller realization to make Sofa a sustainable business.

Super Sofa (Working title)
This will be an optional subscription for a “pro” version of Sofa. Nothing will be removed from how you experience the app today. Everything in the pro bundle will be net-new. If you don’t want to pay, no worries, you can continue using the app as you do today. You simply won’t be able to use some of the newer features.

Initial Features

  • Notes for items
  • Activity stats
  • Access to all 70+ themes


  • Monthly : $3.99
  • Annually : $35.99 (25% savings over monthly)

Notes for Items
Simple, plain text notes that can be added to items in your lists.

Activity Improvements

  • Improvements to the layout and design
  • Ability to filter the list based on the data types

Super (Paid)

  • Get stats for the things your watched, read, played, etc

Revamped Detail pages
Detail pages have need some love for a while now, especially with all the new data types in the app.

New prioritization workflow
I’m intentionally being vague here because I have a fun idea for this and don’t want to spoil it

Trash Bin
An extra layer of safety for deleted data. Items will be moved here before being fully deleted.

This is a lot of work ahead of me, but I think it will be worth it, and more importantly, worth paying for. I’ll also note, I have a lot of ideas for more Super features to add!


Please, would you mind adding a lifetime purchase if you can? I’d gladly keep paying for new themes along the way.

I don’t have plans to add a lifetime purchase. To make the app sustainable long-term, Super Sofa (pro) will be subscription only.

I am looking forward to the stats feature.

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