Media for items

What problem are you trying to solve?

This is my current “workflow” in Sofa.

  1. I hear about a new show or video game and add it to The Pile.

  2. Later in the day when I’m going through The Pile, I search up the new show or video game for trailers or screenshots to see its any good.

  3. I then add it to list or delete it.

I’m trying to take out Step 2, bouncing from Sofa to Google to Sofa and back to Google :sweat_smile:

Explain your ideal solution

Sofa displays media based on item type. So for example if it’s a show or film, Sofa displays trailers. If it’s a Video Game or App, Sofa displays screenshots.

How are you currently solving this problem today?

Searching for the item, jumping back into Sofa. (Repeat)



Does this information help you decide if you’re going to keep it in Sofa?

Same process for me- and yes it does inform whether I keep it or not! I’ll usually add something quickly to the pile based on a rec without googling to see if I’d really like to check it out.

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