Manually Sort Sections/Lists/Items

What problem are you trying to solve?

I want to be able to manually reorder my lists, categories, and items

Explain your ideal solution

The solution that was used in earlier versions of the app (as seen in the video below) works perfectly for me. I’d love to see that return

How are you currently solving this problem today?

For lists, I occasionally will use a number or special character to manipulate the current sorting system.

Thanks for the suggestion :+1:. I knew when I removed this feature it would upset some folks, but it was necessary to ship the larger iOS 14 redesign on time. I do have plans to bring this back in some form. Just need to get some other things in place first.

One thing that would help me…what are you trying to accomplish by sorting things manually?

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Not a worry, man! Sorting for me is all a matter of prioritization. The lists of sections I use most often or are the most relevant to me at a specific point in time, I’d want listed first so that they’re immediately visible. As for the items within the list, I like being able queue up items to tackle them in a more organized manner.

Thanks for the extra detail, it’s super helpful. What you’ve said is what I’m hearing from others too. The need to sort is driven by a need to prioritize. From a workflow perspective, there may be better ways to prioritize your info instead of manually sorting. It’s something I’ll be putting more thought into soon.