Log and keep vs Log activity


I’m new to this app and I’m a bit confused about logging activity. I understand logging movies and wanting them removed from the list to show that it’s been “watched”. But what about shows?

Do you mark “log and keep” after every episode or do you “log activity” after you complete the entire series?


I tend to log a show to activity after I’ve finished all seasons. If it’s a show that’s currently still in production, I’ll log to activity after a season finishes.

Interesting, thanks for the email by the way.

What about media that is ongoing with no end date? For example, podcasts. I certainly want to track them, but most of the ones I listen to are ongoing.

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Podcasts are a little trickier. I personally tend not to log them to activity as much as everything else. Simply for the reason you stated, there is no end date.

What you’re really hitting on here is a missing workflow from Sofa: In-Progress. Some of the media we consume doesn’t have a clear end date. For example, reading a book, watching a tv series, or playing a long video game. One way I solve this today is to create a few lists:

  • Reading
  • Watching
  • Playing

Anything that I’m currently reading, watching, or playing goes in these lists. It’s a bit of a hack, but it works for now until I have an better understanding “In-Progress” across multiple data types.

I hope this is making sense.

Maybe adding a “log in-progress” feature would solve this. For example, after playing Alto’s Adventure, I would love a feature to “log in-progress.” And it would work for podcasts and shows that don’t have an end.

This would eliminate the need to track every specific episode and would just indicate that you’ve logged some sort of in-progress activity.

This would be a perfect filter to show you any media that’s “in-progress” and not fully completed. I would want this sort of tracking instead of logging activity for individual tv seasons or episodes.

Let’s say you’re no longer interested in listening to a podcast, you could “log activity” and be done with it. Or let’s say you have finished Alto’s Adventure, you can “log activity” and show it as complete.

I think this would more accurately reflect you’re activity in the “activity” section. Just some thoughts :slight_smile:

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Interesting idea. So, what would you expect to capture, if anything, as “in-progress” for something like a podcast or tv show?

Well it should go without saying that if you’re tracking a show, a simple “in-progress” would mean you just watched an episode. The same would apply if you recently played a game, read a book, listened to an album, etc. There would be no need to make it more complex than that.

If you wanted to recommend a series that you’re watching, but have not completed, this would be logged in the activity section - a great way to track what you’re “working” on so to speak.

The way the activity section works right now, to my understanding, is that you would not be able to recommend any media unless you’ve completed the entire book, show, music album, etc. And if you’re anything like me, then you definitely track a lot of media across different platforms, which means it may take a while to complete things.

I may be in the minority of those who like to track everything I’m working on. And perhaps this feature would fundamentally change your app, so a toggle in the settings to enable it could do the trick.

The idea of allowing the activity section to show how long it took you to complete something could be interesting. Just some thoughts