Links to Netflix, Prime Video, iTunes, Kindle, etc

What problem are you trying to solve?

I’d like to go directly from an entry to watching/reading/whatever.

Explain your ideal solution?

Depending on the media, links to the appropriate app or web page

How are you currently solving this problem today?

Going to Home Screen, finding app & tapping on it, then searching for what I already had onscreen in Sofa


Thanks for taking the time to make a suggestion!

I would love this feature too. I do have plans for sprucing up the detail pages for items, and adding links (when possible) to the places you can enjoy them. This will be tricky for some things because the data isn’t freely accessible, for instance where to watch stuff (Netlifx, HBO, etc).

No timeline yet, but stay tuned.

Maybe look into how apps like JustWatch and Reelgood do it?

I’ve actually applied for the JustWatch API a few times and haven’t ever heard back. I might be a little too small for them right now :upside_down_face:. I’ll just keep applying until someone answers lol.