Import From Goodreads

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I’m a new user and would love to be able to import my book list from GoodReads

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Hey! Sofa looks awesome and I am going to be moving to it anyways. But I think it would be a good idea to be able to import from GoodReads. Would lower the friction of having to migrate for new users

Anyways, thanks for making this!

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Thanks for the suggestion! I haven’t looked, but I’m assuming you can export your Goodreads data? I know they are going to, or have, shut off access to their API. Something for me to look into.

Yep, @shawn, you get a CSV like:

Book Id,Title,Author,Author l-f,Additional Authors,ISBN,ISBN13,My Rating,Average Rating,Publisher,Binding,Number of Pages,Year Published,Original Publication Year,Date Read,Date Added,Bookshelves,Bookshelves with positions,Exclusive Shelf,My Review,Spoiler,Private Notes,Read Count,Recommended For,Recommended By,Owned Copies,Original Purchase Date,Original Purchase Location,Condition,Condition Description,BCID
1757070,Memetic Magic,Kirk Packwood,"Packwood, Kirk",,"=""0974945005""","=""9780974945002""",0,3.90,,,,,,,2020/05/27,to-read,to-read (#368),to-read,,,,0,,,0,,,,,
25205415,Memetic,James Tynion IV,"IV, James Tynion",Eryk Donovan,"=""1608867439""","=""9781608867431""",0,3.52,BOOM! Studios,Paperback,128,2015,2015,,2020/05/27,to-read,to-read (#367),to-read,,,,0,,,0,,,,,
34945984,"Memetic Magic 2: Occult Memetics, Popular Memetic Warfare, and the Summoning of Kek",R. Kirk Packwood,"Packwood, R. Kirk",,"=""""","=""""",0,0.0,,Kindle Edition,343,2017,,,2020/05/27,to-read,to-read (#366),to-read,,,,0,,,0,,,,, 

I suspect the ISBN could be used to auto link with the actual book to pull in all the info. But no rush for me, i’m almost done doing it manually now :slight_smile:

Thanks !

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Thanks for sharing. I’m sure the manual transition was fun :upside_down_face:.

Yea, ideally the ISBN could be used to quickly import stuff, but I’d need to test it out. A few years ago I tried to move data between Google Books and iTunes but it didn’t work because Google Books had the wrong ISBN for a ton of books :sob:. Made no sense. Hopefully Goodreads is in better shape.