How / When is Media Updated?

Maybe a dumb question, but for Video Games, is it pulling information from an existing database? And when does this happen? Just went to add Picross S Genesis and it can’t be found.

I can add it manually, but not with the cool art. :slight_smile:

For video games, Sofa uses IGDB for its data. You can try searching over there to see if it’s named something else. One of the good things about IGDB is that anyone can contribute. If you want a game that isn’t there, you can add it!

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Seeing this post, I checked IGDB for “Fe”, a game that I remember having a problem adding to Sofa. It’s on there though! Just doesn’t come up in Sofa search. Maybe it’s an issue with the game only being 2 letters long, and not particularly popular?

Of all the data services used in Sofa, IGDB is the most finicky when it comes to search. There is a lot of tweaking I have to do on my end to make search more accurate. Not an excuse, just wanted to share some context.

I’m going to look into this issue with Fe and see how I can improve it further :+1:

Thanks!! Maybe it’s an issue of a two-letter search? Perhaps adding exact-spelling quote search could help? I get that words starting with FE will come up if I search Fe, but theoretically “Fe” should yield ONLY that result.

Are you considering changing game databases in the future?

Another popular database is, they even support console links (something IGBD doesn’t currently support). Obviously this would be a huge undertaking to change databases, but if IGBD is so finiky Rawg may be worth a look :slight_smile:

I hope it will be that simple :upside_down_face:

I don’t have plans for changing game databases at this point. Overall IGDB is great, it’s their search API which could use a little love. Good to know about Rawg though :+1: