How to implement Seasons in Sofa


I know this has been suggested already, just some thoughts on how to implement it :slight_smile:

Let’s take a look on how the show Loki is currently formatted in Sofa.

UI Changes

In order to reduce scrolling I would suggest to combine the **Network** and the **First Aired** into the same column. For example, it would look something like this:

“First Aired on Jul 09, 2021 on Disney+”

This would be the new layout in Sofa:

First Aired and Network

In this new format the Seasons column would be at the bottom. The reason for this change is because shows usually tend have a long list of episodes which would require the user to do a lot of scrolling. So it would make sense to put all other information on top of it.

Selecting Seasons

If a show has multiple seasons users can move through them like this:

Or maybe using a dropdown menu.

Marking Episodes As Watched:

After selecting a season a list of episodes are presented. The blue dot indicated the episode has not been seen yet. Users can swipe left to mark as Watched and swipe left again to mark as Unwatched. Or alternatively they can just press the Marked all as watched button. After all the seasons have been marked as Watched the show now appears in the Sofa activity section.


All episodes and season can be pulled from TMBD. In this this for Loki:


These are my thoughts on how Sofa could implement Seasons. And as always I want to commend Shawn on how much work has been put into this app (one of the best apps on my phone!) and congratulations for the App Store feature (you really deserve it!).

@Donni thanks for the super detailed feedback. Always helpful.

Adding TV show seasons has thankfully never been a data issue. TMDB provides all of it very easily. The issue has always been “what problem does this solve?” and “what would adding seasons help someone accomplish?”.

Based on hearing people’s feedback over the past few years its sounding like tracking progress is potentially the main job. This idea of progress isn’t only for TV shows either. Lot’s of things we do require time to enjoy and finish: reading books, playing videos, and watching TV shows.

My goal is to design a workflow around tracking progress that feels natural across the various data types in the app. I have no idea what that looks like yet :slight_smile:, but getting your feedback really helps!

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Yah this would be neat but I also have no idea how it would look and be implemented. For now I only log to activity when I finish up a season.

I had never thought about tracking book progress, but that sounds amazing. If I’m in a paperbook I have to put down for a while, some kind of indicator would be awesome.

Works for movies too, in different ways. I want to track progress through Star Wars movies, but I get to choose the order after getting presented with a default order. Maybe I want to watch episode order instead of chronological. Actually, that would be great for a Clone Wars type watch order. I get the seasons order, but I can adjust to the special order on Reddit or something. Even share “playlists” with other users. That’s 4.0 talk, though. hah!

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@devildog820 I’m curious how long you’ll put a book down before picking it back up? Also, what do you do to jog your memory if it’s been a longer stretch of time?

I have gone almost a month, but usually a week or two, (kids are great) after putting down something in the middle of a chapter. Bookmarks are too prone to fall out (kids are great).

I generally go back to the last full chapter I remember and pick it back up. If can I remember exactly where I was, I got back to the the beginnning of the current chapter and start over.

I use a straight TV tracker app to track shows, because I’ve stopped watching in the middle of a season for almost a year before.

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lol yea kids do make it a bit more difficult :wink:.

I do a similar thing with books when I’ve stopped reading for a bit. Sometimes I stop reading for a while because I lose interest or I’m more interested in something else. If enough time has gone by I’ll completely give up on it.

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Episodes I’ve no need for, it’s one of the many reasons that I’ve never been able to stick with using Trakt or Reelgood. But, seasons gets my ‘would be useful vote’. Less tedious to tick off than episodes but definitely handy when you have 20 shows on the go at once and are forgetful (me!? Never) or have forgetful partners (much more likely!)


@hmgnsd thanks for the additional context :+1:

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Welcome. Plus there’s a little endorphin hit when you achieve something as well; like ticking a season off of a list. Plus it’d be a bonus to have a show with seasons watched in activity and the rest in the list.

Perhaps a modification to the ‘log and keep’ list option? Like; I’m done with Kim’s Convenience season 1, onto season 2. Tapping ‘log and keep’ could ask me ‘all seasons or specific season?’

That way it’s almost opt in.

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