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First time using the Sofa forum :slight_smile:
I’ve been testing the Sofa 3.0 beta over the past couple of days and it’s been great so far. I’ve noticed some small quirks and bugs which I listed below, other then that its been very stable. I look forward to the release.

Sofa Bugs

Items in list flicker after exiting Search:

Search Bar covers content after exiting:

Weird Animation Bug after removing Items from Shelf:

When scrolling all the way to bottom of Sofa, some list lose their padding (Harry Potter):

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Thanks for the excellent bug reporting :clap:. I’ll look into all of these.

You’ve mentioned this one before and I can never reproduce it myself. I’ll keep trying though. Maybe someone has found this too?

Yeah that’s strange. I wonder if it only occurs on certain screen sizes. If it helps I encountered this bug on an iPhone 6S and on the new iPhone SE.

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I’m using sticky notes to track seasons, but on iPhone (normal view) and iPad (on the shelf) the text is not formatted properly. The area is pretty small, so I don’t know if font size reduction is the solution.

Additionally, are sticky notes supposed to persist to activity? The current behavior is it does not.

Correct, the formatting of the sticky note is based on the font size and size of the sticky note itself. For shelf items, it looks like I need to adjust the font/size of things a bit. Are you noticing weird formatting in other areas?

Yes, they should. Good catch! Will fix :+1:

Really great work on the update so far, Shaun!

The persisting media types for list is very much appreciated! Have you considered using a long press on the add button within a list that has a determined media type to bring up the type menu, in addition to the current flow (tapping add > tapping the determined media type to bring up the type menu)?

Thanks! Glad you’re liking it so far.

I did consider this but found the current experience to be “good enough”. I’m very open to hear your, and other’s, experience and feedback after playing with it though.

Yeah! I think giving the option would make sense. At least to me, it seems like that’s what I would expect to happen if you know what I mean :joy:

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Shawn, really enjoying the 3.0 beta. In particular, the search function helps a lot. For what it’s worth, the app’s crashed a couple of times; it seems sensitive, for example, to deleting items, in my still limited experience.

A few suggestions, offered in utter ignorance of the difficulty of implementing them (and also in knowing whether they will appeal to others!).

  • With regard to search, it would be helpful if searches could be expanded to include the contents of sticky notes, which it doesn’t appear is currently the case.

  • And speaking of sticky notes, which I think overall are a big improvement, could it be made possible to assign the same sticky note to multiple items at the same time? It is at the moment a tad tedious when I have to label series or movies, say, ‘Netflix’ dozens of times.

  • I wonder if multiple items could be selected for purposes of moving more than one simultaneously between lists. At the moment, it’s somewhat time-consuming to move/copy one at a time.

  • Would it be possible to allow individual items to exist in a group, i.e. not in a list within a group? This would be useful if there is nothing to differentiate them once they reside in the group.

  • Could groups be sorted in the left-hand column in a user-selected order rather than alphabetically by necessity?

  • Lastly, I wonder if there’s a reason the app opens at The Pile page. Would it not make more sense to open it on the main groups page?

All in all, a major improvement on 2.13. WEll done!

@Davo thanks for the great feedback. Answers below!

I have a fix for this in the next beta release.

Great idea! This is coming in the next beta release.

It sounds like you’re using sticky notes as a hack for tagging. Is that right? Nothing wrong with that, I just want to understand your use of it so far.

The current implementation treats notes as a “child” to a list item “parent”. The idea being that a sticky note without an item doesn’t really make sense within the concept of the app.

What problem would this solve for you?

These won’t make it into the initial 3.0 release, but I have them flagged for future consideration.

Only the iPad does this, and simply because it’s the first item in the left column. The iPhone app opens to the “home” page by default.

Thanks for your fast response, Shawn. My responses are as follow:

I use sticky notes as tags, exactly, because my lists are focused on status (watch now, finished, started/not finished, etc.) rather than source (Netflix, DVD, Disney Plus, etc.). The tags allow me to identify the source of an item quickly without having to search through several apps (my memory on where to find a particular show is crap!). Not sure what you mean by child vs. parent, as all sticky notes are attached to an item.

Regarding items held directly in a group, there are several media sources (books and podcasts come to mind) that I keep as groups that I don’t differentiate among. So currently I have a Podcasts group that must have a Podcasts list in it in order to hold a podcast item. This isn’t a big deal, but it would simply be more efficient for a group to hold directly those items that don’t need to be assigned to different lists.



Cool use of sticky notes. The latest beta (build 229) includes the sticky note text when searching. Hopefully, that helps!

I was trying to understand if you were expecting sticky notes to be stand-alone items in the app. For example, not attaching a sticky note to anything at all. Sounds like we are on the same page.

Sofa is actually a bit more flexible than this. Within any list, you can mix any kind of item. For example, you could have a list called “Beach Vacation” and add books, movies, board games, etc to the same list. All the starter lists you get with the app can be changed as needed too.

You could easily have a single list for books and podcasts. You can also edit the name of a list so it makes more sense depending on it’s content.

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