Custom Categories

Feature request via this Reddit post:

Just found your app and am super excited about it! Have been looking for ages forsomething this easy to use to collect all the books, movies, etc I would like to read/see. But I would love to have other things in the same place - audiobooks, stuff on the web like live or recorded streaming theater, events in NYC, board games, maybe even recipes (just a name and a source, not the full recipe) I don’t need the auto search feature, just want to be able to open one app and find all of this together. It’s a pain to have one app for each Category. I have tried keeping a notebook of things I want to remember to check out or try - I never keep it up because I never have it with me. This could solve that problem, but it would be so so much better if I could create a custom category and put in just the bare info I need to find the référence again.

Additional context about recipes and cooking from the original poster (OP):

I wd love to just keep track of recipes I wd like to make, esp from cookbooks that I already own. I flip the cookbooks, mark them but then forget where the recipe is when I want to make them. Kind of a wish list of recipes to make just like a wish list of books I want to read. If they are online, I wd love to add in the hyperlink, but not as necessary as just saying which site they are on. Cooking is another thing I see as a downtime activity.