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Feature request from this Reddit post:

I’d love to be able to rate an item and add a note to it when I log something for my activity feed. I know I could use a notes app to record thoughts on something, but I’d love to use this kind of app as something like a journal of personal media consumption. Tags and filters would be great with this too. I was just thinking that it’d be cool to rate something and maybe filter the lists to show what’s rated with something like 4 stars. Maybe I could tag a book I’m listening to as an audiobook to differentiate it from other books in my lists. So instead of putting something in a genre list as well as an audiobook list, I could have a book in a nonfiction list and see at a glance that I have it as an audiobook, ebook, or physical book.

Progress tracking for shows and books would be helpful. Also, (this one isn’t as essential and probably isn’t relevant to the original request) if I add a music album to the app, a link to it on Spotify instead of only Apple Music would be great.

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Just posting here to second this!

I love Sofa and am so glad that I found this app, so thanks for developing such a lovely app! I like all the suggestions this reddit user mentioned but I also know how long development takes, especially as a small team or single dev.

The features mentioned in the quote would personally add the most value to my experience of the app.

This is just my opinion and i love the app as is already enough to keep a widget on my main home screen :smile:

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@lonzo Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback and kind words :blush:. I’ll add your vote to these suggestions.