Better Custom Books Input Options

What problem are you trying to solve?

I’d like to use this app for books I’m reading, but there are a lot of books that the search function can’t find. When adding a custom book, there is only an option to add the title of the book, not the author or a relevant book cover. I’d like to solve the problem of too little book metadata when adding custom books.

Explain your ideal solution

The best solution would be improving the book search function (perhaps by allowing input of ISBN numbers or the scanning of book barcodes à la Libib). But barring that it’d be great to have added data entry options for custom books, especially the addition of an author field and a book cover picture.

How are you currently solving this problem today?

I have added the author name along with the title in the title bar, but the lack of any metadata and the blank book cover makes it look kind of sad.

@Elizabeth thanks for sharing. I agree, adding custom items is fine, but could absolutely use more love. This is on my list to look into for the future.


For some reason I’ve had no luck in adding the indie adventure game “Journey” to the app so being able to add an image when adding a custom game would be great.

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I have a fix coming for that!


Thanks for being so responsive and open. :slight_smile:

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