Announcing the Sofa 3.0 Public Beta 👏

I’m happy to announce the Sofa 3.0 Public Beta!

Sofa 3.0 is the first major new version of Sofa since 2.0 launched in 2017. The app has evolved dramatically in that time. 3.0 is a fresh start for Sofa’s next chapter.

About the Beta

Before releasing Sofa 3.0, I’ll be conducting a public beta. This means that anyone who would like to participate is welcome. I’m hoping to run the beta for a few weeks and then release it after fixing bugs and receiving feedback.

The only requirement is that you have an iPhone or iPad running at least iOS 14.

How you can help

  • Use the app
  • If you encounter any bugs, crashes, or weirdness, please let me know about it. There are details in the link below.
  • Give feedback on the new features and how they are working

:moneybag: Win a 1-Year Super Sofa Subscription

While beta testing via TestFlight, all Super Sofa features will be automatically unlocked for full use and testing. Once the app is released to the App Store, you’ll have to subscribe/pay if you want to continue using the Super features.

My intention here is to be as fair as possible and not create a bait-and-switch situation. Once the app launches, every beta user will be eligible for one month free of Super Sofa :tada:.

To make things even more fun, 10 lucky beta testers will win a 1-year Super Sofa subscription for free :exploding_head:.

:rotating_light: Warning About Beta Software

While I take every precaution, beta software is buggy and will have unknown issues. I recommend backing up your data before downloading the beta.

Download the Beta

The link below has more details about what’s new in 3.0, how to enter for a free year of Super Sofa, and instructions for downloading the beta.

Thanks for testing, and have fun!

Download the Beta

Excited to start using this!

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Excited to hear your feedback!