Ability to filter the Activity Tab by lists (books, movies…)

OMG, I love this app’s concept!

I have two suggestions to begin with:

  • Ability to filter the Activity Tab by lists (books, movies…).
  • Receive yearly notification of done items (“it’s been a year since you watched this!”).

I’ve been tracking these kind of things using lists for about three years. The advantage my lists have is that I can filter a lot, i.e., by year, by category (movie), by place (it also logs in a map where I completed) and with whom (maybe too much? :sweat_smile:).

While Sofa cares more about what’s next, I think it can greatly improve on what’s achieved.

Please, contact me if you have interest in further discussions. Such a potential.

Love it!

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Thanks so much for taking the time to share your suggestions. I’m going to add each of your suggestions as individual posts in the suggestion box so others can find them easily. Feel free to add any additional context once I add them.

I absolutely love this line and totally agree! There is a lot of progress to be made in this area.