A User Defined Default Activity Log Option

What problem are you trying to solve?

I log the games I’m playing and I’d like to stop second guessing the options each time I want to log an activity. There are a couple of reasons for this - first up I almost always want to log and keep for games, they normally take many sessions. Secondly the wording right now is very confusing between logging in Lists vs logging in Shelves.

From a List - Dropdown Menu

  • Log and Keep
  • Log to Activity
    Both of these Log to an Activity, so it should almost be Log and Keep and Log and Remove

From a Shelf - Log to Activity Button
First up, the “Log to Activity” option removes the item when you select this from a List, so that stopped me at first. Secondly it then brings up a second set of options, which clearly state what they’re going to do, but it uses the term List rather than Shelf, which also confused me because they’re already removed from the traditional List.

Explain your ideal solution

A Default Activity Log Option - like, something you can set in options, so if I click on Log to Activity from either the List dropdown or Shelf it performs the selected default (“log and keep” or “log and remove”) with a single button press. This would also make logging from the Shelf and from a List the same process, rather than the slightly different ones we have today.

How are you currently solving this problem today?

Just by being extra careful when I go to log. :slight_smile:

Getting the wording right for the “Log to Activity” actions has been tricky for sure. I like your suggestion of Log and Keep and Log and Remove. People will still need to learn what they do, but once learned could be very clear.

Are you referencing the button in a detail page? If so, I agree that aligning this language with the other actions makes sense.

I think so? There are currently three button flows to log as far as I can tell:

  1. Anywhere: Tap on “3 dots” next to item - brings up standard menu
  2. Library OR Library Shelf: Tap on item to bring up detail - large Log to Activity button, then brings up menu with the “Keep in List / Move from List” options
  3. Shelf: Tap on item to bring up detail - large Remove from Shelf button (need to tap on “3 dots” to bring up standard menu / log)

Noted! I’ll look to improve the language across the app in a future release.